Time and Tide

This led to exploration of the surrounding social issues of the age such as the 

changing role of women,impacts and treatment of trauma, conscientious objection and conditions for workers  in munitions factories.

Two poems Time and Tide written by Sarah Hymas are offered to viewers of the art work as small pamphlet books to take away and keep. These poems informed the assemblage of objects cast in wax, plaster and gold leaf by the artist Lisa Wigham before being nestled into the nooks and draws of the bureau, as an interactive domestic archive.

Short stories, poems and plays written by the project’s writing group have been compiled into a book that inhabits the bureau during its tour.  There is also an audio version of this work available for audiences encountering the bureau.

To host the Time and Tide bureau during its tour please contact:  lisawigham@twoampress.com