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No More Last Minutes / Blackpool

St John’s Square, September 2011

This installation offered an impressionistic view of journeys, transience and comings and goings in the artist’s home town of Blackpool, in the window of a disused town centre premises formerly known as ‘Bar Red’. The artist used vinyl lettering to present fragments of text that trigger thoughts in the passer-by, both in daylight hours and through the night.
Lisa Wigham uses traditional printmaking methods or commercial graphics processes to make images and text that adapt to their location. In each case she maintains an interest in finding tactile and poetic ways to use materials.
This installation muses upon its proximity to the Winter Gardens during the current change of season, when the Illuminations are lit, a chill meets the air and people gather in the halls and ballrooms, while nostalgia for summer creeps in. The artist draws on conversations and observations from her years of being out and about in various Blackpool social scenes. In this part of town people gather or pass through by day and after dark. Shoppers, workers, clubbers, weekenders, sub cultural convention visitors, strollers or speed walkers: en route to a cash machine, running through the fountains, leaving work, walking home.
The text in this display was extracted from books written, printed and published by the artist. This work is distributed and exhibited internationally in bookshops, galleries and museums.