'Autobiographical Terrains/ Explorations of Landscape'

The King's Art Centre, Kings College Cambridge 2011

This exhibition explores landscape from a Romantic point of view, in which horizons, seascapes, mountains and woodlands are represented in series to describe changing views and emotions of journeys.
The work is made using etching processes derived from drawings made while en route around the English Lakes, across the Pennines and to and from the south of England. Some of the work is drawn from memory of travel overseas, through Asia and North Africa.
These drawings are collected in sketch books and journals, where the intimate space of the page is used for a fathoming of experiences and observations. The importance of the book form and is referred to in the installation of the work as its foundation layer.
The moments that induce the work into being are those that disrupt monotony, views captured at pivotal moments in time, when a sensation of being alive to surroundings overwhelms, emotionally connecting to a view or form where the drama of natural light or forms play out a scene of perceived significance.
This work is driven by a fascination with the dramatic tension of fragility and weight in mark making. Etchings reference panoramas and maps using line that holds tactile qualities to suggest imminence of experience, movement and the passing of time.
Landscape is explored in this work as an autobiographical equivalence. Narratives can be teased and assumed from the sequences.

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