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'Autobiographical Terrains'

Harris Museum and Art Gallery 2011

This exhibition brings together contemplations of love, beauty and motion collected in journals while in transit around Britain and over-seas.
Loose leaf pages of text extracted from the artists' self published book 'Lost Luggage Revival' and a selection of fine art prints temporarily occupy walls and cabinets on the museums stairwells and thoroughfares, encounters with this work in passing references the fleeting nature of their original conception.
Momentary observations or thoughts occupy pages using minimal marks or words- playing with the expectation of the contents of a printed page. In a culture occupied by rapid exchanges of information, this work opts to allow word or image to settl and be still, offering spaces to project thought or desire.
A selection of etchings are displayed in cabinets with the intention that they are read from above - like an object, artefact, book or map, weathered by experience.
Despite the difference in print technology and subsequent value this imposes, both works share a concern for the exploration of landscape as an autobiographical equivalence. They use poetic metaphors to present captured moments, fragmented by the experience of memory.